As we have very demanding clients who need designing service across multiple platforms, we make sure our customers get all there requirement fulfilled with us. That's the reason we have some polished brains to come up with strong structural design, 3D Illustration, working drawing and Visual Graphics.

Structural design

Coming up with the best solution as per the requirement, requires knowledge of wide range of materials.
Which material can hold how much weight?
What is more suitable for indoor/outdoor?
Which material can fit in a given budget to fulfill the requirement?
All these questions have to be addressed well in advance to avoid future problems.

3D Illustration

Once a structural design is narrowed down and the material is selected, a 3D illustration helps to understand how the end result is going to be. This understanding helps clients to have and internal discussion with their team members. This speeds up the decision making process faster and with a clear idea of the scope of work.

Working drawing

A working drawing is made to translate the design into constructible measurements. A working drawing clears all the thought with which the design was made and communicated properly with the production team. Even the clients gets an understanding of the structure and its dimensions.

Visual Graphics

We create graphic visuals which can be used as a reference for making the structural design as well as a Key visual which can be used across all branding material. Creating a key visual which strongly associates with the brand image is very important for any branding material.