Furniture Fixtures

Furniture fixtures are A very important element for a band to have as a stacking or display unit. The unit plays a very important factor in creating the Weibo is the brand. and helps the brand to communicate with customers about the latest collection another seasonal announcements. Depending on the requirements there are various materials which could be used. . these materials are categorised into three major categories namely wood metal and acrylic.


It is advisable to use MDF for commercial applications as the expected life of these units is max 2 to 3 years. Any different applications there are other materials like veneer, Birch ply , rubber wood, laminate etc. And the finish options which can be applied on these ply are Ducu finish, PU (polyuritherin), Lamination etc.


When it comes to metal we have MS (Mild steel) and SS (Stainless Steel). They both have their areas of application and cost variation. As we are well equipped with most of the machinery needed to tame these material, gives us the freedom to use them as per requirement.


As Acrylic itself is a very versatile material, there are various applications of it across with combination of light, printing , cuts etc. That makes it an ideal material for small units like countertop units, as an alternate for glass and many more such applications. The nature of acrylic to bend with heat opens up many possibilities and dimensions which are not possible for other material.